City Different

September 9, 2009

Those not living in New Mexico may not be aware that Santa Fe has an alternative moniker, The City Different.  In my work brokering businesses, often new comers to the state are business buyers.  It is important to be able to paint a picture of this city, one that captures their interest and encourages them to cast their lot with us.  Perhaps the blog readers might help to define what city different means, including but not limited to doing business here.  Please comment with your view of what makes us different.


One Response to “City Different”

  1. Priscilla as to the “City Different” it ios the very laid back attitude that exists. It is where “manana” doesn’t mean tomorrow, it really means “not today.” It is the old Spanish traditions writ large and more or less retained by the Anglo folks who see it as “romantic.” A Santa Fe “style” that has been defined nearly a century ago by the Eastern elites and the artistic colony that developed as a result of the pristine skies and a view that stretches for a 100 miles.

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