Social Networking, Conflicting Issues

September 19, 2009

I was just on Facebook, happily commenting on various entries, read one by a colleague, a beautiful quote, and was going to comment.  Then, I noted that the person who commented first was a person who owes me money for advertising and refuses to even discuss it.   I stopped dead in my tracks, unable to make the posting.  Am I alone in being uncomfortable in being social with the debtor?  Should social networking be similar to going to a party when someone else attending is known to be a less than reputable player and you merely keep quiet and talk with the others?

How do you handle such situations?


One Response to “Social Networking, Conflicting Issues”

  1. ls poteet Says:

    It is a perfect opportunity for you to “out” the guy with a gentle rebuke. Cheaper than going to court, and you have a forum to bring his negligence to light in front of his peers. Ducking a business relationship at a time when everyone and his business is stressed, shows his disregard for your bottom line. It is irresponsible of him to not address the issue. A short “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you to discuss that payment you missed. How nice to see you here. Please get in touch”

    I wouldn’t go to the party and I would tell the hostess why. You can stay home have a brandy, watch a good movie and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have a legitimate reason to be upset and if things go the way they usually do, everyone you know will also know of his misdeed.
    Social justice. Maybe not good for the bank, but great for the psyche!

    If done well and without bombast, it is a recourse you have thanks to cyber kangaroo court.

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